The 1st Birthday Milestone is a HUGE One!

A few months ago they couldn’t sit, crawl or stand… Soon they’ll be running, talking and using the potty!

pregnant woman in white dress. 2 images in one by Studio James in Calgary

I love the symbolism of smashing a cake and smashing into toddlerhood. If you think about it, this might be the first time that your child is photographed making decisions – Do I want this cake? How do I want to eat it? Should I dive in face first? Should I eat it by the handful? Does it bother me if I’m messy? These are decisions that they’re making and we’re letting them.

In one year your child went from being a helpless little being to having strong opinions, from being unable to lift her head to pulling herself up to standing and possibly walking! In the next year she’ll be running, jumping and talking.

Their first birthday is really about independence – and that’s noteworthy! 

Jaime Sword

Artist/Owner of Studio James

Fun, Fun, Fun

1st birthdays are a huge deal so we do everything we can to make them fun. We bring in balloons, presents and other fun props before letting them go to town on the cake and splash around in the bubblebath.

Couture dresses and adorable outfits

We have a gorgeous selection of hand-crafted props, couture head pieces and hand-made outfits specifically selected to reflect our style into your session vision.

Be prepared to get messy

Whether your child is smashing a cake or partaking in other messy activities, everyone involved is likely to get messy. It’s kind of fun! I like to warn parents, though, to wear old clothing that can get dirty.

Expect the unexpected

Cake smashes are all about the unexpected! It’s really quite fun to watch your baby decide how to handle this new situation. Will they faceplant into the cake? Will they pick at it disdainfully? It’s their choice. 

Calm, relaxed environment

Your session day is your day. Come at the best time for your child. We don’t stress if their nap goes long – let them sleep. We also don’t rush them at their session. We let them take their time and explore.

Art pieces that will make you smile

From cake-eating collages to albums with adorable stories and stats, we create insanely beautiful art that will put your joy and memories on paper. All of our stunning art products are printed in Italy.

My son’s cake smash pictures were so fun! Jaime took some pictures of him before the cake – he looked like such a little gentleman! When the cake part came, he was a bit unsure. Jaime didn’t rush him and he eventually started playing around with the cake. Messy hands weren’t really his thing but he loved the cake so he was torn. We have some super cute pictures of him trying to eat the cake without getting messy. Adorable! Then he got to splash around in the tub and that was fun! My favourite picture might be when he decided he was done with the tub. His expression was priceless. I look at it a lot and laugh because it’s so cute.

Kristen Williams