The Most Magical Christmas Experience in Calgary

“Every year is so magical! Jaime is part of our Christmas tradition because she

makes everything so special. It’s next level!”


We specialize in creating magical experiences that capture the joy of the holiday season!


Every year we take your kids on a unique and magical adventure.


This year’s storybook is Magical Christmas Bedtime. Your kids need to sleep so Santa can come but a silly elf is keeping them awake.

In this magical adventure, it’s Christmas Eve and it’s time for the kids to go to sleep. It’s hard falling asleep, so Jolly the Elf comes down from the North Pole to help them! Hilarity ensues as Jolly seems to be giving the kids tasks to make noise and wake them up instead of them falling asleep – what a cotton-headed ninny muggins! The kids eventually get tired enough to sleep and Jolly lets Santa know the coast is clear!

We photograph 10 scenes. Images will include:

  • Reading a magical Christmas book
  • Typing a letter for Santa
  • Playing a Christmas drum
  • Eating yummy cookies
  • Meeting an elf
  • Waking up to a stocking from Santa
  • And many more!

Our experience isn’t just about your portraits. We help you go above and beyond to create magical holiday memories. Your kiddos will also:

  • Receive a letter from the North Pole
  • Our studio Hot Chocolate Bar
  • BONUS: if you book before October 25th, your kids will receive a personalized video message from Santa!
3 brothers sitting in the christmas woods for holiday photoshoot at studio james photography in calgary


Love finding unique experiences

Creating holiday memories is important to you

You are looking for more than a “say cheese” picture of your kids

Want to create special traditions with your kids

Value photography and design

kids chopping down a christmas tree in holiday photoshoot in calgary

Why Studio James, Calgary Photography Studio, for your Christmas Photos?


We offer an incredible and unique Christmas experience. Our holiday photos are limited edition sessions and are very different from the typical Christmas minis offered in Calgary. 

Our holiday Christmas sessions are fun for your kids! Every year we tell a magical story so your kids actually enjoy their session. We don’t get forced smiles, we photograph true emotions. Our stories are designed to capture expressions of pure joy, adorable concentration, excitement and sibling interactions. 

Because our sessions are mainly “to do” sessions, parents don’t have to worry about their kids “cooperating”. In fact, we encourage their sparkling personalities – it makes their images extraordinary and memorable.

Jaime creates a lot of additional magic in the post-processing (editing) of your images. For your kids, the magic is real and it enforces their belief in Christmas.


Make Us Your Christmas Tradition…

Being able to look back on your kiddos as they’ve grown from small to bigger to big is the best present you can give yourself.

3 kids laughing and eating cookies at holiday photo session at Studio James in Calgary
3 kids feeding a reindeer a carrot at holiday session in Calgary at Studio James
3 kids helping Santa by painting toys at holiday session at Studio James in Calgary
3 kids tickling each other eating christmas cookies at holiday session in Calgary

The Perfect Christmas Photo

Our idea of the perfect Christmas picture is a gorgeous picture of your kids or your entire family, perfectly edited, with magical elements. Jaime photographs a variety of images in every scene – looking at the camera, looking at each other, interacting with the scene – so you can create a collection of your favourites based on what’s important to you.

What Does a Holiday Session Look Like?

Our Christmas Magic sessions are not Christmas Minis. What does that mean?

  • We do not book back to back sessions
  • You are not held to a hectic 15-20 minute appointment
  • We work with your child and give them the time they need to be comfortable
  • We know you are busy and schedule your session at a convenient time for you
  • We lead your children through a story, they are not simply put in front of a holiday backdrop
  • Your whole family experiences magic at our studio and from our sessions. 

Does Santa Make an Appearance?

He hasn’t yet… but that doesn’t mean that he won’t. We always write our stories about Santa and Christmas Magic so he’s very much present in our sessions without actually being there. That can be a bonus since the idea of Santa is amazing but young kids are often scared of Santa and we want this experience to be a good one for them – not a scary one.

Our Unique and Incredible Storybook

Our piece de resistance is our Storybook Magic. The majority of our clients fall in love with and purchase this product.

What is the Storybook?

  • 10 x 10 inch hardcover book
  • 20 pages – 10 images and 10 story pages
  • Includes magical graphic design elements
  • Our stories are new every year and are written in house

Why is the Storybook special?

  • It’s personalized for your family and your child’s name appears on almost every page
  • The story and the images correspond so the book really is about your child and features your child
  • It’s an incredibly special bonding time between you and your child when you read them their magical story

Our Storybook is a true labour of love. Read about the creation process of our Storybook!

(Note: Video from 2020. Storybook this year is not the Elf-Tastic Adventure.)


Kids-Only Session Fee


Includes planning, set design, photography session and ordering appointment. Session fee does not include any digital files or products.

Family Session Fee


Includes planning, set design, photography session and ordering appointment. Session fee does not include any digital files or products.

Digital files and products can be ordered 2 ways: Create Your Collection (digital files AND product like our Storybook Magic and/or Wall Art Pieces) or Digital-Only Packages.

You will be receiving a full Product Guide before your session and you don’t have to make any decisions until you see your images at your Ordering Appointment (held virtually within one week of your session).

Minimum Purchase

While we photograph 10 fun scenes, at your Ordering Appointment, you get to select your very favourites. Jaime is there to answer your questions and help you narrow down your choices. Our prices vary depending on how many images you choose to buy and whether you’re a storybook person and/or wall art person. Your minimum investment for your images will be $300, which gives you 3 A La Carte digital images. Most of our clients, however, choose to invest in both our magical printed pieces and their digital files,  and they spend north of $700.

“Jaime’s Christmas session is one of the most magical points leading up to Christmas! My parents have been flying in from Nunavut for the last 4 years to get their Christmas pictures done with their grandkids during one of Jaime’s highly coveted Christmas photoshoot spots!

The Christmas storybooks she puts together with the photos are my Nana’s pride and joy,

she loves to show them off and everyone who sees them can not get over how AMAZING the pictures are!”



“Her most epic Christmas Magic sessions are truly inspired!”


“I would highly recommend Jaime! We went back again to her this Christmas season because we just loved her. Our first session I wasn’t sure how it would be or if it would be awkward to stand and get our pictures taken. Jaime was so kind and ensured we were more than comfortable during our session. The session went by so quickly and we never felt awkward or uncomfortable at all. We ordered some custom prints.

We were in love with the images

and the prints were so clear and Jaime added her special touches to them. This year we had the same great experience and Jaime helped us so much in choosing our images which made the deciding process so much easier!

I could go on and on about how the experience was so great!”


“I think Jaime’s Christmas Magic sessions are amazing. The detail that goes into them is unbelievable.

They are magical during the session and somehow even more magical afterwards. 

Jaime is the Queen of Christmas!”



“It doesn’ t feel like Christmas until I unpack my metal prints from Jaime and hang them on my wall.

They are so vibrant and beautiful. I have one from every year and every one tells a story.”


Christmas Magic is Open Now for 2023 Bookings!

Like last year, we want to offer flexibility. If we are your Christmas tradition and you’d prefer another date between November 1st and November 12th, please contact us at or 403-630-3070. The studio will be set up for Christmas Magic that entire time period.

Jaime’s Award-Winning Christmas Magic Photos Have Been Featured in:

Studio James Christmas Magic image published in 2021 Holiday Edition of Ana Brandt Magazine
Studio James Christmas Magic image from 2021 chosen to be featured in Ana Brandt's Holiday Magazine
Christmas Magic image from 2021 by Studio James published by Ana Brandt Magazine Holiday Edition.