Feel Their Joy. Hear Their Laughter.

“Jaime is a magician with her camera! She pulls beauty and love out of chaos!”


Family Images Celebrate Everything You’ve Built


The way your kids look, they way they interact with you and how they connect with each other is always changing.

Photographs freeze today’s little moments so they can become tomorrow’s precious memories.

fun family picture behind tree in calgary


Make you smile, laugh, love

Showcase the special connection you have with your children

Make you forget you wanted to lose 10 lbs before your session

Be impressive

picture of a father lifting son up in front of cherry blossoms trees in calgary

Is Family Photography Important?

YES! YES! Absolutely yes! 

Not only do your kids grow like weeds, they change the way they interact with you and with their siblings (if they have any). The little things they do that you love… one day they just stop. The way your kids play with you, with each other, it changes. It’s not necessarily bad that it changes but it still changes.

Maybe they loved being tossed in the air. The pure joy they got from it made you smile. And then they stopped wanting you to toss them in the air. Or they grow a bit more independent and don’t want close snuggles or kisses. Growing up is a fact of life but having memories of a time you can’t get back is worth everything.


We call our outdoor sessions PAINT WITH COLOUR because Jaime’s special editing technique highlights all of the gorgeous shades of Alberta’s landscape.

Book early as spaces are limited.

“So many options out there [for family pictures] look the same and kinda like I could take them with my phone.

Jaime’s pictures have Wow Factor!

We see her probably once a year. Sometimes we do outside pictures and sometimes we are in her studio. Her pictures of my family and my kids are hanging up all over my house!”

– JILL –

“We’ve built a wonderful family tradition thanks to Jaime’s incredible work. It’s amazing to look back on memories in the river valley near our home and see how the kids have changed each year.

And even when the kids are getting restless or goofy, Jaime is able to capture the most amazing images.”


What is different about Studio James Photography for family sessions?


  • Jaime hand edits every image herself and she is a trained graphic designer. Because of this, when you look at her family images, you’ll notice that her images, as a whole, look like a painting. The people in the images stand out, their skin is a healthy colour and there is contrast between them and the background.
  • Choosing a cohesive look for your family can be overwhelming so Jaime helps you through the entire process so that you’re confident your family will look amazing in your images. Wardrobe planning is her thing.
  • Your time is valuable so Jaime regularly scouts her outdoor locations so that there will be no surprises at your session. 
  • Jaime customizes your sessions to your family. She is a master at photographing playful, silly, loving, pure joy, sassy, strong and protectiveness.
  • Jaime expertly guides your family through the session, while following the whims of your children, to give you a wide variety of emotional images.   

What is Family Photography?

At Studio James, we describe Family Photography as any full portrait session that includes immediate family. The session can be indoors in the studio or outside in nature. There are very cool things about either option (keep reading further down the page to find out about each option).

Family photographers are a dime a dozen (literally anyone with a camera can take snaps of your family) so it’s extremely important to be aware of what you want from your family images. This is definitely something to consider when looking into Family Minis.

When choosing your family photographer, look at her work critically:

  • Are you emotionally drawn to her images?
  • Does it stand out?
  • Are the faces of the people in the images shadowed? 
  • Do the people in the images look washed out, highly yellowed, the same tone as the background?
  • Does the skin of the people in the images look greenish?
  • Do the eyes of the people in the images look dark?

What is a Studio Family Session?

Studio Family Sessions are photographed indoors, in Jaime’s studio. 

Some cool reasons to have your family session photographed in the studio:

  • The images are very cohesive – example all white background, all grey background – and so flow seamlessly if you want to pair with other sessions and grow a photo wall in your home. Note: Jaime helps you plan your photo walls.
  • You have access to a wider variety of wardrobe when shooting inside. Dressing in Black Tie, Suits, Denim, jammies are all easier when working indoors.
  • You have access to Jaime’s Client Closet for indoor family sessions. Jaime has many gorgeous couture gowns for girls and dresses for moms. Of course, she’ll help consult on what the boys should wear.
  • Studio sessions can be photographed year round.
  • Studio sessions are not weather dependant so are more convenient if you have a very busy schedule. There are also no bugs in the studio. 

What is an Outdoor Family Session?

Outdoor Family Sessions are photographed, you guessed it, outside.

Some cool reasons to have your family photographed outside:

  • Alberta has incredible scenery! Jaime’s outdoor sessions are called Paint With Colour because she finds and highlights the gorgeous colours in nature.
  • Outside kids can be themselves. If you are worried that your kids won’t listen, behave or pose, outdoor sessions might be incredible for you. Spirited kids stress parents out during sessions but Jaime loves them! Their personalities shine in your images.
  • There is a lot more freedom in outdoor sessions. They are thoroughly planned but child-led at the same time. 

Can I bring grandparents or friends to family sessions?

Family photography sessions are for immediate family only but Jaime also photographs Extended Family Sessions. Talk to her about your vision.

Is there a limit to the number of people in a family session?

At Studio James, a Family Photography Session is your immediate family. We don’t limit those numbers or charge you additional for your children. Whether you have 1 child or 6 children, your family is your family.

What time of the year should I do my family session? 

Your images should make you happy – so choose a season that makes you happy! 

Some Calgary seasons, like cherry blossoms, are extremely short and Jaime can only take a very limited number of sessions. Sessions like cherry blossoms, wildflowers or fall leaves are both limited and popular, please book early if you really want a particular type of outdoor session.

I have no idea how to dress my family.

That’s okay… and 100% normal! It’s overwhelming to dress a group of people so that everyone looks great AND the group looks cohesive AND no one person steals the show AND they all look phenomenal in their environment AND the finished image matches your home decor. 

Jaime understands colours, styles and the finished product. In your Design Consultation you’ll discuss wardrobe with Jaime and she’ll work with you until everyone is comfortable, satisfied and confident with the choices. Wardrobe SHOULD NOT be a stress or a deterrent. 

I need to lose 10 lbs first and then I can book.


What is the saying… One day you’ll wish you were as “fat” as you are now? Life is short. Your kids are constantly changing. Don’t wait until you think you are picture perfect before booking your family photographs – you’ll never end up doing them. Your kids will never look at your images and wish you were 10 lbs trimmer, they’ll just be happy to have pictures of you together! Also, Jaime is sensitive to your insecurities and, after you see your fully edited finished images, you will love them!

My kids are probably too crazy to sit still for pictures.

Honestly kids with big personalities and endless energy stress parents out but Jaime loves photographing them. Outdoor sessions or studio sessions with something to do (talk with Jaime about this) are the best for these kiddos. 

One major benefit of your Design Consultation is that you and Jaime will talk about your family and all the personalities. She comes to the session loaded with ideas and tricks to get you the images you want and the kids have fun while doing it.

I want to display my images but have no idea what to do with them.

Hanging gorgeous images of your family in your home will bring you one of the biggest joys. Seeing images of your kids that you love immediately makes you smile and lowers your stress. 

Jaime will consult with you on the best places to hang your images and which sizes would work the best for you. She has also sourced out the most incredible labs in the world and delivers the most stunning pieces you have seen. 

What happens in a session and how much do they cost?

Check out our Experience | Pricing page – it will tell you all about our process. And please message us if you have any further questions.

Do you do Fall Family Mini Sessions?

Jaime caters to her clients like they’re royalty. She spends countless hours planning the perfect session for them and even more hours editing their images in the award-winning style she is known for.

Clients choose Studio James for the personalized treatment, customized sessions and fine art editing and, sadly, that can’t be replicated in a 20 minute hi-and-bye mini session.