Family Is Everything

Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s sweetest memories.

pregnant woman in white dress. 2 images in one by Studio James in Calgary

I make it a priority to photograph my family at least once a year. Why? Because we will never be again what we are at that moment. 

How tiny my kids are, their actions and expressions, how they interact with each other, with me and their dad… all of it will be different the next time. I want to immortalize their joy, giggles, sneaky, and even their grumpy faces. 

Is it a pain to organize? Yup. Would I rather wait until I’ve completed 3 months of a workout program? You bet your butt. But I know that my kids won’t care. They want to have pictures with me. They love me as I am… and Photoshop can help with the rest.

Jaime Sword

Artist/Owner of Studio James

What To Expect
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A personalized session that tells your story.

What’s important to you… A favourite place? Expression? Objects and/or actions you’d like to incorporate? What do you do with your kiddos that you love? What’s your vision… Studio? Outdoor?

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We love goofballs

Are you worried that your kids won’t “behave” for a family session? Please don’t worry. We work with kids to capture their personalities, and we have lots of tricks up our sleeves to get them to pose for us.

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Quick and easy, dad-style

We know you’re busy and might not have a lot of patience for family pictures. Sometimes the mom really wants them and they’re not dad’s idea of a good time. We’ll make it painless… and even bring the beer!

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Help with wardrobe planning

Planning what your family will wear during your sessions is hard and can be very daunting. We will help you through this. Once we decide where and when, we will go over what colours and styles will look best.

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Moms IN the pictures

We moms are so critical of ourselves. We want to look perfect before we hop in front of the camera. Then, 5 years later, we wish we looked as perfect a we did at that moment. Join your family, we’ll help you out!

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Art pieces for treasured memories

Our insanely beautiful art pieces will keep your memories sharp. From stunning wall portraits to albums with stories and fun facts, you will smile for days. All of our stunning art products are printed in Italy.

We’ve built a wonderful family tradition thanks to Jaime’s incredible work. It’s amazing to look back on memories in the river valley near our home and see how the kids have changed each year. And even when the kids are getting restless or goofy, Jaime is able to capture the most amazing images.
Krystina Edwards