Here Today... Gone Tomorrow

The expressions they make that you LOVE will disappear one day without warning.
Hair colour can change. Curls can disappear. And baby fat leans out.

I love your work! How do I book a session?

Thanks! Give us a call at 403-630-3070 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’ll talk about what we do and what you’re looking for. If it’s a good fit, we’ll take the session fee payment, schedule you in our calendar and book your consultation appointment.

What does the session fee cover?

The session fee covers the photographer’s time for your consultation, the planning, preparation and cleanup from the session, the session itself and ordering appointment. It also covers any assistant fees should an assistant be required on set.

Your session fee does not include any digital files or artwork.

What products do you offer?

We offer beautiful wall art and albums that are so stunning they really have to be seen. Our albums start at $595 and our wall art pieces start at $380. Our digital images packages start at $495 for 5 files. All of our products are crafted in Italy.

I don't know what to wear or how to dress my family?

No worries, that’s what we’re here for! In fact, we want to help you with this as it makes a huge difference in the outcome of your images. In our consultation we’ll talk about your vision for your images as well as the location and time of year. Then, together, we’ll figure out what you’re most comfortable in and plan from there. We also have a client closet of clothing that we can use if the session calls for it.

When should I come for my maternity session?

Jaime likes to photograph maternity sessions anytime between 30 and 36 weeks – it really depends on you and how you’re feeling. Some women pop closer to 30 weeks, others need a bit more time for their bumps to really show. Every body is different.

Missed that window, don’t worry, will still photograph women outside those 6 weeks. Every woman rocks the pregnancy body, no matter the week. The reason we give 36 weeks as the cut off is that we don’t want your baby to come before your session and some woman feel really bloated as their due date approaches.

Give us a call, we’ll help you figure out when to book.ย 

When should I book my newborn session?

Jaime finds it best to photograph newborns between the ages of 5-20 days old. Mom’s milk has come in by then so babies aren’t always hungry but they’re still sleepy and curly.

Note: we do photograph older babies as well so don’t fret if you missed the window. It just might mean your baby doesn’t want to try some of the poses and may prefer to be swaddled rather than naked.ย 

Because we are a boutique studio and spend a lot of time on our clients, we take a limited number of clients. So we do recommend booking your newborn session as soon as possible. We book for 2 weeks after your due date and make adjustments as needed after baby comes.ย 

What is a milestone session?

Milestone sessions are held in the first year of your baby’s life – to celebrate them reaching certain milestones like rolling over, sitting up, feeding themselves and pulling themselves to standing.

We recommend booking milestones for around 4-5 months old, 7-8 months old, and 11-12 months old. Since every little one is different, we’ll chat before you choose your exact date.

Is the cake included with a cake smash session?

We can provide the cake or you can bring it – it’s totally up to you. Many parents prefer the convenience of not having to transport the cake (yikes if it falls!) but some parents like the experience of working with the baker themselves. If your child has allergies, we strongly recommend that you take care of bringing the cake.

We charge a $50 cake fee if you’d like us to arrange the cake. If you want to bring it, we will happily discuss options of excellent bakers in the city.

Are your sessions indoor or outdoor?

We can do either! It’s really about your preference and vision for the session. We’ll talk about what you’re looking for in your consultation.

Do you edit your own images?

Yes. Yes. Yes! Jaime believes strongly that editing is a huge component of the finished image. In her mind, if an artist farms out editing then the final outcome isn’t really their work.

Different studio focus on different aspects. At Studio James, we don’t take a high volume of clients. This way we can focus all of our energy on you and giving you the best. Jaime hand-edits all of her own images. She does not use “presets”. She has a diploma in Graphic Design so thoroughly understands the editing processes and softwares.ย