They Change SO MUCH...

Every year your kids are totally different! Kids sessions are the perfect way 
to capture and remember who they are and what they love year after year.

pregnant woman in white dress. 2 images in one by Studio James in Calgary

After the first year of their lives, your kids are really growing into the people they will become. 

We create kids sessions around who your kid is, what they like and what you want to see. 

Personally I love capturing my boys together. I don’t know if they’ll always be close but, right now, they adore each other and they’re best friends. They’re young enough that they’re not grossed out by snuggling up together and giving each other big kisses. 

Kids sessions are also perfect for celebrating birthdays, the beginning of a new school year and interests like princesses and sports.

Jaime Sword

Artist/Owner of Studio James


Birthday sessions are our most popular kids sessions. They’re a great benchmark for capturing who your kid is. After the first birthday we tend to celebrate with a cupcake and a portrait session.


Kids sessions really allow us to explore your child’s interests. Because of this, your child will have a lot of fun at their session. Princesses, superheroes, hockey, lego, painting, the sky in the limit!


Taking your kids sessions outdoors lets kids be kids. They can run, climb and get dirty. They can show off their bike skills and, let’s face it, Calgary is a beautiful background.


Sibling sessions are chaotic and a lot of fun! These are a great way to capture the love and adoration siblings have for each other. Sibling interactions change so much from year to year. You will fall in love. 

Back to School

The new school year is a great time to capture how much your child has grown and changed. What do they love? What’s their favourite class? Their least favourite? What do they want to be when they grow up?

Art pieces that will make you smile

We have so many fun art options for our kids collection. Your kids are old enough to answer questions and we create must-see albums with their answers. All of our stunning art products are printed in Italy.

My daughter is princess obsessed! Everything is princess, rainbows and sparkles. Jaime’s princess dresses are to die for. Like I’m jealous and wish they were in my size. My daughter was so excited. Her face when we were dressing her is a memory I’ll always remember. The dresses are not Disney store dresses and kids can tell. My daughter got to move around, pose and twirl in the dresses. We also got some pictures of her with a cupcake for her birthday. We hung a big print of her in a dress on her wall and she points it out all the time.

Ashley B.