They Learn SO MUCH...

Lifting their heads, finding their feet, rolling over, sitting, eating, crawling, standing.
The 1st year of a baby’s life is their biggest developmental year!

pregnant woman in white dress. 2 images in one by Studio James in Calgary

More development happens in the first year than any other – if there’s any year of your child’s life to capture, it’s this one!

Not only do they hit the huge milestones of rolling over, sitting, crawling and standing, they also learn to recognize you, smile, giggle, laugh and babble.

Why do I like photographing milestone sessions? Because I wasn’t aware of how quickly the time passes. Expressions and quirks I thought would last would be gone before I was ready. For my second child, I felt like I blinked and he was one.

You can book milestone sessions whenever you like but I recommend around 4 months, 8 months and 11-12 months.

Jaime Sword

Artist/Owner of Studio James

Couture dresses and adorable outfits

We have a gorgeous selection of hand-crafted props, couture head pieces and hand-made outfits specifically selected to reflect our style into your session vision.

4 Months Old

Why do we like to photograph 4-5 months? The big milestone we capture is tummy time with baby’s head lifted high. Baby has found toes by this time, recognizes you and has an adorable gummy smile.

11 Months Old

Why do we like to photograph 10-12 months? The big milestones we capture are crawling and standing. Baby has a cute toothy smile now, has a favourite stuffy and can often clap and wave.

Expressions and favourites

Gummy smiles, one tooth, 4 teeth. The favourite stuffy, book. The bottle, the soother. Finding toes, clapping, waving, blowing kisses, feeding themselves. There are so many wonderful memories in the first year.

8 Months Old

Why do we like to photograph 8-9 months? The big milestone we capture is sitting. Baby is usually eating solids by this time too and it’s really fun to give them a bowl of food and let them feed themselves.

Art pieces that will make you smile

We have so many fun art options for our milestone collection. From cute collages to baby books with information specific to your baby. All of our stunning art products are printed in Italy.

Jaime is AMAZING! We have had many photos done with her over the years and they always turn out way better than I could have ever expected. One session she did with my youngest Cole, when he was about 8 months old, was a “baby’s first taste” session. It was so much fun for adults and baby alike! Cole loved the mushed blueberries and really enjoyed the mess they made. While Jaime and I couldn’t stop laughing at how angry he got every time she tried to take his spoon away for a picture! The saying “they grow up way to fast” is never truer to me than when I look at my kids, but because of Jaime’s amazing work we will always be able to look at their sweet little baby faces!

Amanda McNally