Your Baby is a Newborn for:

3 Weeks: That’s only 504 Hours

Then Your Memories Are Your Images

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“Jaime is the best for newborn pictures. I cry every time I look at mine.”


Newborn images celebrate beginnings.

The beginning of life. The beginning of your family. The beginning of a forever love.

picture of new father nose to nose with his newborn baby daughter in calgary


Be safe for baby in every way

Make your heart swell

Bring you back to the sweetest details of your baby

Be everything you want them to be as there are no do-overs

picture of new mother holding her new baby daughter in calgary newborn photoshoot

What is Newborn Photography?

Essentially newborn photography is beautiful images of your newborn baby – but there is a lot that goes into a newborn session. A qualified newborn photographer requires substantial training.

Here are a few things you should be aware of before booking your baby photographer: 

  • Every newborn photographer is different. Taking timeless portraits of a newborn baby is a skill that takes training, talent and experience. Jaime has studied with many of the best newborn photographers in the world. Her newborn photos have won awards and have been published in international magazines. She has been a Calgary newborn photographer since 2018.
  • You should feel comfortable with your baby photographer. Your newborn photographer is responsible for your baby’s safety. Jaime has training in newborn safety so your baby will not be harmed. She uses spotters on poses. And she doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and toxic cleaners in the studio.
  • There are no do-overs with newborn photography. Babies are newborns for 3 weeks – that’s only 504 hours! The photographer you choose will determine your memories of your baby. If you don’t like your images, your baby will be too old to have another newborn session. 

    The best time to photograph your newborn session is when baby is between 7-21 days old. The best time to book is around 20-30 weeks. This gives us time to plan a session that’s special to you and order any supplies.

    “We had a twin newborn session with Jaime. I didn’t have the normal anxiety of leaving the babies with someone new, thanks to Jaime making sure we knew they were safe with her. When we got to go view the pictures I couldn’t believe how stunning they were! Every little adorable detail was captured, and our first professional family pictures were gorgeous! Looking back on the pictures now, almost 3 years later, I am so thankful that we had them done. They remind me of how tiny the twins were, and how little our oldest was when they were born.

    The pictures bring back so many cherished memories!

    I would 100% recommend booking a session with Jaime!


    – KRYSTYNE –

    What is different about Studio James, Calgary newborn photography studio?

    • Jaime is both a Calgary newborn photographer and graphic designer and artist, which means that her editing is elaborate and her creations are complex works of art.
    • Jaime specializes in family photos, maternity photography as well as newborn baby pictures.
    • Jaime’s style is cinematic, and she is known as a painter of light and color. Her images are often described as magical, and they are perfect for displaying in your home.
    • Jaime is incredibly patient, and new parents feel very comfortable with her as their newborn photographer. Jaime has been photographing Calgary babies since 2018, she has trained with the best in the business, and she has 3 of her own babies.
    • Studio James focuses on printed art. As parents, you’ve chosen a photographer that you trust, and she’s taken images that you adore. The next step is to display those newborn images so that you can see them daily and remember tiny toes and little pouts… looking at your images will bring you right back to that newborn smell and baby sweetness, even when your baby is grown. We don’t want your images lost on a hard drive.

    How old should my newborn baby be for newborn pictures?

    Ideally, your new baby is between 7-21 days new for their newborn session. Jaime spends a lot of time on each of her clients and, therefore, takes a few sessions per month and books up quickly. If you are interested in booking a newborn photo session with Jaime, please book in advance to get on her calendar. There is a benefit to booking early, as well, since Jaime customizes every session booking early ensures that she has time to order any props she might like to use for your baby’s session.

    What if my baby is older than 21 days; can I still book a newborn session?

    Give Jaime a call! Depending on how old your baby is, she might still be able to photograph a newborn session. If not, she might suggest a modified newborn or a milestone session.

    As babies get older and have been out of the womb longer, they become less flexible and more alert. Some cute, curled-up poses that parents love may not be achievable once the baby is a bit older. Jaime will often photograph older babies wrapped up in gorgeous knits. Older baby sessions are still insanely adorable, just different.

    How long will my newborn photography session be?

    Newborn photography sessions range from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours. Jaime works with your baby’s mood and needs. She never pushes. With her, your baby is always comfortable. If your newborn is hungry, she stops the session and lets the baby eat. Sometimes babies need to cluster feed, and that’s okay too.

    Sometimes babies aren’t sleepy. That’s okay too. Jaime will photograph some sweet awake images and use her magic tricks to encourage your newborn to drift off to sleep.

    Your newborn session time will also range depending on how many people are involved in the session. If the baby has siblings, then there will be a lot of different groupings as everyone will want their turn with their adorable new little brother or sister. If a big brother or sister is relatively young, they may not be as cooperative as older siblings, which can add time.

    Jaime books an entire day for your session. You will never be kicked out before she has the images you want.

    I really want a certain pose, can you guarantee it?

    Absolutely not… here’s why. I am 100% unwilling to make your baby uncomfortable or hurt your baby. Your baby is a person, and their body is unique. Some poses require a lot of flexibility. If a photographer pushes your baby in a way that’s not natural, it can affect your newborn’s muscles and joints – it can hurt them.

    If baby is gassy, their little tummies can be sore and distended. Pressure on a gassy belly can be uncomfortable. Of course, Jaime has some tricks to help baby release gas. But, if your newborn still isn’t comfortable, Jaime won’t push them.

    Obviously, if there is a pose that you’re in love with, Jaime will try to see if your baby will go into it. Jaime has a lot of poses in her repertoire, though, so if your newborn baby isn’t going to go into a particular pose, she has many others up her sleeve.

    Do I have to bring my own baby clothing?

    Studio James provides everything that you need for your newborn session. Jaime sources out gorgeous headbands, knit blankets, baby clothing and all other outfits or props necessary for the photo session. Every single items is stunning. Before your session you’ll talk about your favourite colours, your style, and Jaime will plan your session specifically for you.

    Do you only take pictures of my baby, or can parents and siblings be in the newborn photos?

    Studio James doesn’t set limitations on your newborn portraits with your baby girl or baby boy. Parents and siblings are totally welcome. 

    I don’t feel comfortable being in pictures after giving birth. Do I have to be in the baby pictures?

    The short answer is “no” you don’t have to be in the newborn pictures. However, expect Jaime to talk with you about why you don’t want to appear in them. Jaime has a lot of experience working with women. While working at Flare Magazine in Toronto, she learned about photographing and editing women. She is a master of lighting and posing to flatter.

    Jaime has been in your shoes and has been photographed after each of her baby’s births. She understands that it can feel very vulnerable and scary. She knows that you don’t feel your best. She always recommends that her clients try it, and if they don’t like the images, they don’t have to purchase them. Her mommy and baby images often become some of the most treasured images for her clients.

    Why print my images through Studio James?

    The same way that newborn photography is a skill, printing is a skill and a science. Anyone with a camera can take a picture, and anyone with a printer can print photographs… but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. Jaime has sourced the very best professional labs in the world. (Professional labs only work with photographers.)

    Jaime has ensured that her system is calibrated precisely for the professional print labs she works with. She tests the labs regularly to ensure that the colours and quality meet the extremely high standards she sets. Her clients receive only the best.

    Studio James currently prints through professional print labs in Italy, Canada, and the United States, though the majority of her stunning albums and wall art pieces are handmade in Italy.

    When you don’t print your images through a professional lab, the colour and quality are inaccurate. Sometimes the colour is actually quite “off”. You are really not doing your images justice printing at a print centre.

    Grow-with-me Photography

    Another benefit of Studio James photography is that her Calgary (and surrounding clients) become like family to her. Because Jaime specializes in maternity photography, newborn baby pictures, and family photos, her clients never have to see another Calgary photographer for their family photography.

    Jaime plans your sessions based on past sessions you’ve had with her, so they flow together beautifully.

    Many of Jaime’s newborn clients become long-term clients, annually booking her exclusive family sessions and her Christmas Magic sessions which lead your children through a magical Christmas experience. 

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