Jaime Sword, photographer at Studio James Photography in Calgary. Newborn photographer. Maternity Photographer. Family Photographer.


I’m Jaime

Hi, I’m Jaime

I used to work at Canada’s top fashion magazine… yes, it was a bit like The Devil Wears Prada.Β  What I learned is that I love celebrating ALL women, and what I GAINED by working there were the posing and editing tricks to flatter women.

Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful.

After I went through pregnancy and had my babies I knew that I wanted to celebrate mothers and their families. Our bodies get beaten up and stretched to an inch of exploding. Then we give birth and live the next decade in utter exhaustion. Yet the “dad bod” is considered sexy and society shames women for not “bouncing back”. And then, because we might not look exactly how we used to, we hide from the camera. And that’s not fair to our children.

Mothers are Sexy. We Rock. We are Superheroes… and we create THE MOST incredible little people.

Why Work With Jaime?

Jaime Sword is not your typical family photographer. Her cinematic photographic style traditionally lends itself more to commercial magazine work but she is passionate about bringing her style of images into the homes of her clients.

Educated in graphic design and having a background working at a high-end fashion magazine, Jaime has become a master at photographing women to look like their best selves and boosting their confidence.

Jaime is inspired by the amazingness of women, the wonder of newborn babies and the ever-changing intimacy of family, which is why she specializes in maternity, family and newborn photography.

Jaime has won multiple awards for her photographs and her work is regularly published in international magazines.