Some women have incredible pregnancies; I call them TV pregnancies. Their skin glows, their hair shines, they look like they’ve put a basketball under their shirt and their daily lives haven’t changed in the least. Lucky them!

Most women don’t have TV pregnancies.

pregnant woman in bronze dress in calgary alberta maternity session

A lot of pregnant women feel huge, swollen, gassy, achy, pimply… you get the drift. Pregnancy doesn’t always make you feel like your best self. When you feel like a whale you don’t necessarily feel camera ready.

Why on earth would you want maternity photographs?

Here’s why…


Your body is making a person! Like from scratch! Think about it, it’s so crazy!

First, just the fact that you are pregnant is a miracle (I never understood how much until I tried for 2 years before I had my 3rd). Then every day your baby is growing and developing – making the nose, toes and fingers that you are going to kiss every single day.

But lady, that’s all YOU!!! Your body is doing this!!! You are making a person in your body!!!!

It’s so unbelievably special.

You are a beast. You are a badass. You are a goddess.

And you deserve to celebrate, honour and remember how incredible you are.

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I don’t think that maternity photography is about your baby. Of course it’s special for your child to see pictures of them in mommy’s tummy. But, ultimately, a maternity photography session is about YOU.

At Studio James we specialize in photographing maternity sessions with emotions that are important to you. Are you protective? Loving? Sexy? Ethereal? Powerful? Tender? This is your journey and we are going to document it in a way that’s special to you.

Let’s get back to you feeling like a whale…

Don’t worry about it! That’s why you are choosing to book your session with Studio James. We are masters at making women feel beautiful. Every single pregnant woman who has come through our doors has told me, “I feel so huge and gross”. We know how to light, dress, angle and pose a woman to best flatter her. And then, of course, there’s editing. So, don’t worry about feeling huge – we always tell woman they they don’t look how they feel. And our images show them exactly that.

pregnant woman in calgary maternity session at studio james photography

Every woman we’ve photographed has been in love with her maternity images.

Maternity images boost your confidence, make you feel amazing and allow you to remember that special time (when you grew a freakin human being in your body!!!) with pride and amazement.

I felt enormous and could barely walk during my 3rd pregnancy, and I was almost always in pain. But I look back on my maternity images and think “I ROCK!”

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