Look As Amazing As You Are

You Are Making A Person

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“Jaime made me look like I should be in a magazine and feel like I was a model.”


Maternity images celebrate you.

They boost your confidence, make you feel beautiful and allow you to remember that special time (when you grew a human being in your body!!!) with pride and amazement.

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Make you feel stunning

Speak to your feelings of motherhood

Bring you back to the sweetest moments of your pregnancy

Be an experience to remember

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Who You Choose As Your Maternity Photographer Is Important 

You are AMAZING, you are making a human!! You feel so many emotions: love, joy, protectiveness, strength… and you want to capture this special time in your life.  

Here are a few things to think about before choosing your maternity photographer:

  • Every maternity photographer is different. They have different styles and different skillsets. You want to absolutely LOVE your photographer’s portfolio. You won’t get the results you want if you bring one photographer’s work to another hoping for the same image.
  • A good maternity photographer will make you look as amazing as you are.
  • Jaime worked at Flare Magazine in Toronto. Her experience in editorial print relays a unique skill to the Calgary, Alberta market.
  • Lighting is everything to photography. Jaime has studied lighting and lights maternity photography in a flattering and exciting way.
  • Jaime is a certified graphic designer. Her knowledge allows her to edit her maternity pictures to perfection.
  • Jaime’s maternity photography was won numerous awards and has been showcased in international magazines.

The best time to photograph your maternity session is between 32 – 37 weeks. The best time to book is around 20 weeks. This gives us time to plan a session that’s special to you and order any dresses and supplies.

“I was very nervous going into a maternity photoshoot because I was very uncomfortable at that current stage in my pregnancy. Jaime made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The final images were (and are) absolutely stunning.  The details, final finishes and how Jaime perfects photos is amazing.

I feel like I look like a goddess.

I cannot believe how Jaime captures the beauty of pregnancy especially knowing I felt the complete opposite.”



What Are Maternity Sessions?

Maternity and newborn photos are different. The basic difference is that a maternity session is photographed while you are pregnant and a newborn session is done after your little one is born. But there are deeper differences between newborn photos and maternity photos.

Both your newborn photos and maternity pictures will be timeless images but the feelings they evoke and the memories that flood back when you look at them are different.

With newborn photography, when you look back at your images, you will remember how teeny tiny your baby was. You’ll remember their little lips, little toes, how curled up they used to be… good newborn pictures will bring you back to the smell of your baby… even when your baby is 15 years old!

Maternity sessions will bring you back to the fluttering kicks that feel like butterfly kisses and the rhythmic hiccups – and that is amazing – but there’s something even cooler about maternity images…

A good maternity photographer will make you realize how incredibly amazing you are! You are making a person!!! That very cool fact can get lost and forgotten in the nausea and swollen ankles.

Some women feel incredible their entire pregnancy and that’s great! Many women feel they look like a cow or a whale, or a strange combination of a cow and a whale.

Jaime firmly believes that maternity images should give you confidence and make you realize that you are amazing! And, years later, when you look at your images, all you’ll remember is how much you rocked pregnancy! 

Why Is Maternity Photography Important?

Pregnant women often feel huge, swollen and tired. The reality is that you are making a human being in your body. You are incredible. You also don’t look like how you feel.

Maternity photography will help you see yourself in a whole new light. You will see how incredible you are, how phenomenal you look.

The most common comment Jaime hears after presenting expecting mothers with their images is “I look so beautiful” And the comment is usually followed by tears of joy and love.

When you look back at your stunning maternity images you remember fluttery kicks, adorable baby hiccups… you remember love. Swollen calves, eternal nausea and complete exhaustion become faded memories.

How Is Maternity Photography Different Than Family Photography?

Family photography is about every member of the family. Family photos are often focussed around the kids and their interactions with mom, dad and siblings. We run, we play, we encourage personalities to shine. We want to see sparkle from kids.

Maternity photography is about mom. Of course we include husbands and kids and we want to see them interact with mom and with the baby belly but the mood is different.

Maternity photos give confidence to moms. The point is to create timeless images that showcase how gorgeous mom is and how much is loves and looks forward to meeting her little baby.   

Can My Newborn Photographer Also Do My Maternity Photo Session?

Many newborn photographers will offer both newborn photos and maternity photos but you want to make sure that they specialize in both newborn and maternity photography AND that you like BOTH their newborn images and their maternity photos.

Quality newborn photography and maternity photography utilize very different skillsets. With newborn photography you want a photographer who specializes in posing babies safely (along with loving their images). With a maternity photographer you want a photographer who can expertly light, pose and edit pregnant women. You also want a photographer who can create images that evoke the emotion that you want to portray in your images.

Why Studio James Photography For Maternity Photos?

Jaime has experience in editorial fashion, graphic design and photography. She can dress, light, pose and edit you to give you images that you will love forever. She is also an experienced and award-winning Calgary newborn photographer so you can continue capturing your motherhood journey with Studio James. 

Does Studio James Have Beautiful Gowns?

Of course! Jaime has collected beautiful gowns and pieces that fit her style and look stunning in her maternity images. These gorgeous gowns also work well in her baby photography as well. They are cut in a way that flatters women post birth too.

Are My Husband And My Little Ones Able To Participate In My Maternity Session?

Of course! Studio James creates a session that fits your wants and needs. As a growing family we want to showcase everyone’s reactions to baby coming. Jaime is incredibly patient and can easily incorporate young children into your maternity session.

Do You Photograph Maternity Sessions In The Calgary Area?

Absolutely! Jaime is very skilled at studio photography as well as taking advantage of the scenic Calgary area and surrounding areas views.

At Studio James, before your session, you will have a consultation with Jaime. You’ll discuss your wants and needs from your session and she’ll use her expertise set up a maternity session that will give you images that you’ll treasure forever. 

Do I Have To Get Naked In My Maternity Pictures?

No no no! While Jaime is excels at flattering women in front of her camera, she wants you to feel comfortable. In your consultation, you will discuss the types of images that you are hoping to get and the emotion that you want to evoke. Jaime will talk with you about what you are comfortable with and plan your session specifically for you. Whether you’d like to be fully nude, fully covered or anywhere in between, you will love your images. Jaime also plans multiple setups for your session so that you are able to have different types of images in your gallery.

How Many Weeks Pregnant Should I Be In My Maternity Pictures?

While some photographers set exact limits on how pregnant you should be for your maternity photos, Jaime finds that how pregnant you should be depends on you, your pregnancy, your body and your comfort level. She has photographed women earlier in their 3rd trimester until right before baby was born.

Ideally you want to time the photos so that you have a recognizable bump but still feel like you are comfortable enough to move around. Women may find they want to do their maternity photos earlier in their pregnancies if they’ve already had children. Some women don’t really show until later in their pregnancies. Again, you will discuss everything with Jaime before you book. A general guideline will be 33-37 weeks pregnant.

How Early Into My Pregnancy Should I Book My Maternity Photos?

Jaime focusses her full energy on her clients and, therefore, she can only book a limited number of clients. If you love Jaime’s work and want her to be a part of your baby experience, it is best to contact her as soon as possible to get into her calendar.

How Will I Remember My Maternity Session For Years To Come?

Studio James is a photography studio that focusses on helping you display your images in your home. Jaime will consult with you before your session on your hopes for your images… Do you have a special place in your home where you’d love to display one of her signature cinematic pieces? Is it in a public place? Is it more private? Do you want to display a majestic piece and keep a collection of more intimate prints and thoughts in a keepsake album? As a graphic designer, Jaime has the artistic ability to create pieces specifically for you.