Maternity photography sessions are so incredibly special! And why wouldn’t they be?… We are photographing them in anticipation of THE BEST GIFT EVER! 

I LOVE maternity picture sessions for many reasons but some of my favourites are that they build your confidence, they showcase the beauty of your pregnancy and help you remember the incredibleness of the time you were pregnant long after you’ve given birth, long after your baby is too big to snuggle. 

Seriously, you are a goddess and you deserve to have images that make you see that!

picture of third trimester pregnant woman in maternity photoshoot in Calgary. Wearing a pink dress with butterflies

Here’s what a maternity photography session looks like at Studio James Photography in Calgary, Alberta…  

The first step is a Design Consultation…

This is a very important step because it helps me design and plan a customized session for you. You are choosing me because you love my work but you’ll love it even more when it’s specifically for you.

Because Studio James Photography is a boutique studio in Calgary we focus all of our attention on our clients and what’s best for them. You’ll book with us in the first trimester or second trimester of your pregnancy but your studio date will be flexible. Jaime keeps in regular communication with you so that, together, you will determine the best time for your maternity pictures. Every woman is different – so your baby belly will pop at different times in your 3rd trimester (some women might do their pregnancy pictures at 32 weeks and some at 37 weeks – it totally depends on the woman) and the way you feel will vary from other women. We do the same for our newborn pictures.

Step 2 is Studio Day!

Of course that’s the day when you come to the studio for your maternity pictures.

Studio day is about being pampered. We can organize hair and makeup for you – we have a list of hair and makeup artists who are phenomenal. We have yummy snacks, designed for you and your pregnancy needs, wants and desires.

maternity client in calgary getting her hair curled by a professional hair and makeup artist
beautiful curled hair for a maternity photo session in Calgary
professional makeup being done on client in calgary studio for maternity session

My experience working at a fashion magazine taught me a lot about working with women. I understand different body types – lighting, posing and editing every woman to flatter her.

Because we’ve met and got to know each other during the consultation, the portrait session is extremely smooth. There isn’t any awkwardness and we are comfortable with each other. 

jaime putting butterflies on pregnant woman for maternity session in calgary
taking photos of maternity client in calgary

Step 3 is your Ordering Appointment

This is where I show you all of my favourite images from your session and you get to choose your very favourites. It’s always an extremely tough job for me to prepare for this meeting. I spend hours agonizing over which images I think are the best of the best – I know that my clients are busy women and I don’t want to waste your time.

In our ordering appointment I’ll help you choose your favourites and we’ll figure out how you want to display them. I work with a lab in Italy and the colour and quality of the albums and wall art pieces are superb. 

picture of chosen but not edited gallery of maternity session in calgary at studio james photography

Client’s chosen images – UNEDITED

After the ordering appointment your job is done! You just have to keep cooking that beautiful little baby while I begin editing your images.

I hand-edit all of my work and spend hours making sure that every image you receive could be published in a magazine. 

jaime sword calgary newborn photographer